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    Thursday, 7 December 2017

    Endless tears -Episode 11-20

      Endless Tears Episode 11

    (continued from episode 10)

    She took me through a narrow passage in
    silence, and as we walked, it occurred to me
    that the girl would be a staff. Still in the narrow
    passage, we passed by two doors which faced
    each other and took three steps further before
    the girl stopped in front of a door which she
    opened. There was also a door facing the door
    she opened but I disregarded it and followed
    her inside.
    A mattress was on the floor, enough to fit one
    person comfortably. There was a small table
    beside it, and a big box lay at the far end of
    the room, by the wall.
    The girl smiled, and then frowned. “Oh, forgive
    my manners, I am Tina” she said. “I am the
    cook, even though I look small, my food is
    always very sweet, you could eat your tongue”
    she boasted with a grin. “My room is opposite
    yours. You would meet another girl, Tola, she
    is the cleaner. She went out to get some
    things. I am sure you are Amara” she ranted.
    I was feeling awkward because something
    seemed very wrong and out of place. I nodded
    stiffly. “Yes. Amara” I responded. “Where is
    corper… I mean, Mr erm.. Alex. Where is his
    room? Does he stay in one of the rooms we
    The girl laughed. “Of course not. His room is
    upstairs” she leaned forward to whisper. “It is
    a very massive room. This place is not as big
    as his toilet” she grinned. “This is where the
    staff stays”.
    What? What the hell is going on? Before I
    could voice my panic and question, we heard a
    car horn and the girl startled. “The boss is
    here, I have to go and serve his food. He
    asked me not to talk to you, please don’t tell
    him I said anything, if he asks.” With that, she
    I stood, still reeling from the implications of
    what I had just heard. Am I to stay with the
    staff in my own husband’s house? It can’t be
    real. The drama just never seemed to end. I
    don’t know how long I stayed there, at the
    middle of the room, but suddenly, the door
    opened and I spun round to see corper Bello
    crowding the entrance. He entered and closed
    the door behind him.
    “I see you are fully settled” he said with clear
    indifference. “Well, since you have obviously
    pushed your way into my life, let me lay down
    the rules and regulations. You are in this house
    as maid and not a wife. Don’t ever mention it
    to anyone that we signed a marriage contract,
    or worse, that you are carrying something of
    mine in your tummy” he said with obvious
    disgust. “Everyone here has been informed that
    you are the new staff employee, and that is
    what you would be in this place. You would
    join Tola in doing the cleaning and other house
    chores. Never interfere with my food because I
    won’t want to contact cholera or food
    poisoning. You would be given the staff
    uniform, so you don’t have to go around in
    your pathetic clothes. Do you understand me?”
    I stared dumbfounded. He seriously did not
    mean all he just said, did he? “You expect me
    to work as a maid in my husband’s house?”
    His eyes flashed with fury. “First of all, you are
    not my wife. Even though we signed a bunch
    of miserable papers, you can never be my
    wife. Secondly, you should be glad that I
    dignified you with a maid’s position. You either
    do this or leave. You chose to marry me,
    whatever you see is of your making, not mine”
    he growled out.
    I swallowed. “What did I ever do to you? What
    is my crime Corper?” I breathed.
    “You got pregnant. That is your crime” he
    turned to leave then stopped. “And while you
    are here, you should never call me Corper, you
    call me boss” he opened the door and left.
    What happened next?

      Endless Tears Episode 12

    One week passed and the idea of being a
    maid in my husband’s house was still like a
    bomb. Each passing day added to my shock
    and dismay at this display of impunity. I have
    never felt more like garbage like I did now,
    having to work with the maids in the house.
    Ever since Corper walked out of my room, I
    hadn’t set my eyes on him. I was careful to
    ensure that we never happened to be in the
    same place together. My hatred for him grew
    with each passing day, but my love for him
    was not eliminated either. I still could not
    understand why thoughts of him still plagued
    my dreams. Every time, I entertained the hope
    that he would change and love me the way he
    professed in the village. Unfortunately, there
    was no indication that this would ever happen.
    My pale state and vomiting had made it known
    almost immediately I arrived that I was
    pregnant. Tina had been very helpful,
    encouraging me and making me laugh
    whenever my mood turned sour – which was
    almost all the time. I had been careful enough
    to avoid the subject of my child’s paternity
    whenever she tried to bring it up. Changing the
    subject had always been my way out of that
    sticky situation. Tola, the cleaner, on the other
    hand, had been a real pain in the butt. She
    never spared a change to throw well-aimed
    insults at me. The fact that I had to share the
    house chores with her, instead of making her
    happy, made her terribly furious. We became
    instant enemies and she never stops
    expressing her wish that I would ‘go back to
    whatever stinking village I come from’. Even
    though Tina was constantly coming to my aid,
    dealing with Tola’s sharp mouth along with my
    other problems was beginning to really get on
    my nerves. The fact that I should naturally be
    the madam of the house was what stopped me
    from bantering words with her. It was
    infuriating that someone who should naturally
    report to me was giving me a really tough
    time; it made the idea of being a maid sink in.
    One fateful morning, I woke up extremely early,
    partly from lack of sleep and also from the
    desire to use the general maids’ bathroom
    before the other girls, since we had to share
    bathroom and toilet. I was certainly in no
    mood Tola’s ranting. After a refreshing shower,
    I dressed myself in the maids’ uniform and
    still had too much time to myself before
    starting the house chores. After drinking the
    bitter village herbs to drive away nausea and
    dizziness, I decided to lose my already rough
    hair. The ‘all back’ had lasted way longer than
    it ought. Loosening it took just a few minutes
    and I combed my hair out, letting the long
    strands fall freely past my shoulders. Satisfied
    that I looked a bit better than before, even
    without a mirror to confirm that, I straightened
    up my bed and decided to start the house
    chores, regardless of the time.
    The work was a good thing for me because it
    helped me to keep myself busy and push away
    depressing thoughts. I could not imagine how
    terrible it would have been if I had to just sit
    idle and watch the ticking hands of the clock.
    As I cleaned the furniture, songs of sadness
    escaped my lips. Thoughts of corper stayed
    permanently on my mind, probably because his
    picture frames hung all around the extra-large
    sitting room. He had seen the product of our
    union as a crime, but I refused to see the life
    growing in me as the cause of my sadness.
    Notwithstanding the circumstances surrounding
    my conception, I vowed to give my child all
    the love and care that he or she deserved.
    Even if the child never knew the love of a
    father, I promised to fill both the spot of a
    mother and that of a father in my child’s life.
    At first, recapturing corper Bello’s love had
    crossed my mind, but considering all that I
    was being made to go through, I was not sure
    I even felt anything but hate for him again.

      Endless Tears Episode 13

    Footsteps alerted me, telling me that I was not
    alone. I tensed, knowing exactly who it was
    before I even saw him. My thoughts may have
    summoned him but his presence engulfed the
    entire sitting room, immediately he started
    climbing down the steps. What was he doing
    up so early? I wished he did not have such an
    effect on me and the admission that I still
    harbored feelings for him made me extremely
    angry. I stopped singing and cleaned the
    couch I was cleaning furiously, with undiluted
    “I suppose you were taught how to greet” he
    My hands stilled slightly, and then wordlessly,
    I continued.
    “You are not deaf, are you?” he asked as anger
    crept into his voice. He must have some
    I dropped the duster instantly and faced him,
    wanting to show him that I was not born mute.
    “Excuse me sir, if I remember correctly, the
    duties of a maid that was assigned to me was
    to clean the house. That does not include
    greeting you, does it?”
    He clenched his fists dangerously. “Are you
    raising your voice at me?” he growled,
    advancing menacingly.
    I stood my ground. I had entered the lion’s
    den; I might as well face the consequences.
    “What if I am?” his palm connected with my
    cheeks, sending me backwards from the force.
    My face burnt bright red and my eyes had
    trouble focusing on him as dizziness gripped
    me with full force. He grabbed my neck and
    dragged me to him and I started panicking. I
    don’t think I have ever been this scared.
    “Never” he boomed. “Never you talk back at
    me, you hear me? Never” he roared and
    pushed me out of his hands. I almost fell flat
    on my face from the force of the push and I
    stumbled furiously, trying to get my footing.
    Immediately I did, I turned and fled into my
    room like the devil was at my heels. Slamming
    the door forcefully, I collapsed on my bed, in
    tears. It had become abundantly clear now that
    this is not the Corper I fell in love with,
    because the man out there was nothing more
    than a monster.

      Endless Tears Episode 14

    Mr Peters stretched his legs before him. Now,
    life was beginning to have shape, he thought
    happily. He felt overjoyed over the incidents of
    the past few weeks. It would have been a
    disaster if the person that impregnated Amara
    was a pauper. In fact, he was sure that he
    would have disowned her instantly.
    He had known when his daughter started
    following the corper around. He had known
    that something like this might happen. It was
    then he had done a little research and found
    out that the corper was from a wealthy family.
    He did not know however, that the boy was
    this wealthy. When Alex had suggested he paid
    them off, the idea had sounded very palatable
    as he considered that it would be nice to have
    instant money. But he had calculated that the
    token that would be given can never be
    compared to what Amara could extort on the
    long run, if his daughter was married to the
    Senator’s son. He felt happy with himself. It
    was not every day that opportunities like this
    surfaced, and the earlier he grabbed it with two
    hands, the better for him.
    All he needed now was for Amara to use her
    brain and her ‘endowments’ to win her way
    into her husband’s heart. He knew that being
    the good girl that she was; she would still be
    having difficulty doing what he had hinted on
    her wedding day. He would have to work on
    that. A little visit to her place and some
    cunning advices would be able to set her in
    motion. Mr Peters knew that it would have
    been a great help if his wife was in support of
    this motion. She would have been able to train
    Amara properly, since they were both women
    and it was not a myth that Amara always
    listened to her mother. But that damn woman
    was too stubborn, he thought angrily. He would
    have to be contented with doing this by
    A big smile touched his dry lips as he
    considered getting an apartment here in the
    FCT instead of going back to that blasted
    village. He had gotten a pretty handsome
    amount for Amara’s dowry but now, he had no
    intention of using part of the money for an
    apartment. The Senator would have to get them
    an apartment if he wanted them out of his
    house; with a little taunting of course. He
    laughed. Life could be fun!
    To be continued…..
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    [11/26, 7:26 PM] S.mikey酪: 5
    I walked the flower garden around the house in
    the evening, allowing the sweet smell wash
    over my face. Staying in the garden was
    always the highlight of my day because the
    sweet scent of the flowers seemed to bring joy
    to my soul. After the event of the morning, this
    walk was what I needed to sooth the hurt I
    was feeling. I banished my bad memories and
    thought about my happy times in the village.
    My fingers toyed with the flowers when
    unexpectedly; Corper’s car drove into the
    compound. I would have retreated hastily, in
    order to avoid facing him again, but instead, I
    stood where I was, looking. I caught sight of
    someone in the car with him and a frown
    crossed my face.
    Corper turned round and opened the door for
    his passenger, who stepped out of the car
    stylishly. It was undoubtedly a woman, a very
    beautiful one at that. Who the hell is this, I
    wondered in shocked annoyance. She looked
    at Corper and smiled at him, murmuring
    something I could not grab, and the corper
    seemed to melt under her gaze. He closed the
    door of the car and put his hand around her
    waist, leading her inside. I had seen enough! I
    turned on my heels and marched towards the
    back door, entering the kitchen without
    preamble. Tina, who had been busy slicing
    tomatoes, looked up and frowned.
    “What is the matter?” she asked. “Is Tola
    getting on your nerves again?”
    I shook my head. Now that she mentioned it, I
    noticed that I hadn’t seen that big mouthed girl
    today but it was none of my concern. Frankly, I
    wished I would never set my eyes on her
    again. “No, she isn’t” I said softly.
    “Then what is the matter with you?” she asked
    in a concerned tone.
    I contemplated my answer. “Nothing. Just a
    mood swing” I said softly. She eyes me
    suspiciously. Unable to stop myself, I asked.
    “Who is that woman with… erm… Mr Alex?”
    “He is back?” she asked in surprise.
    I nodded briefly and she went to peep, in order
    to see the woman I was talking about. They
    had already reached the sitting room. She
    came back with a frown. “Oh, that is Mr.
    Alex’s fiancée, Miss Lisa” she declared.
    “Fiancée?” I gasped out but, thank God, she
    was oblivious to the tension I was feeling.
    She nodded. “I don’t like her, she is too
    arrogant and disrespectful. I wonder what my
    boss sees in that woman” she said in irritation.
    “Anyways, I am sure her beauty is what
    captured him.” She continued. “She is too fine
    for her own good. I wonder what I would do
    when he marries her, my life would be hell”
    I blanched. “Marry?”
    She faced me. “Yes. Marry. Our boss plans to
    marry her, the wedding preparation is in
    “No, it can’t be” I breathed.
    She frowned. “Why are you like this? You
    already dislike her too?” she asked in wonder.
    I was finding it hard to breathe. This could not
    be happening. i shook my head and quickly
    exited the kitchen and Tina frowned in
    confusion. As I made a hasty retreat to my
    room, I decided there and then that there was
    no way I would stay in that house. This was
    obviously too much to take in. it is high time I
    take my destiny and that of my child into my
    hands, I told myself as I went to pack the few
    rags I owned.. What happened in Episode 16?
    Find out more……..

      Endless Tears Episode 16

    Who the hell is she , the lady’s patient seems
    it have snapped. what is this maid doing here
    and what is she saying.
    She was really saucy I thought. am sure she
    didn’t even greet the senator and his wife.
    how can Alex marry this thing?.
    which maid the senator questioned. she’s my
    son’s wife the earlier u accept her as ur wife
    the better for u Alex.
    I was laughing slightly I wanted to talk but
    Alex cut in, talking for the first time since his
    parent stepped in, i called him Alex. his
    surprised expression was showing when he
    discovered that I called his name for the first
    time without mentioning copper. his deadly
    face burnt angrily u can’t do anything to me
    Alex , sir I was made to resume the duty of a
    maid the very day I married ur son.
    what” the senator shouted.
    married the girl yelled. I wish I could
    remember her name, but frankly I kept
    forgetting. she turned to Alex who was looking
    at me. he looked uncomfortable , I guess his
    gal Frd or fiancée made him so. ” what sort of
    s–t is this Alex she shouted”. he stood behind
    her , I can explain he said to her.
    she picked her bag , explain to the dogs she
    hissed , matching out of the sitting room. Alex
    ran after her pleading.
    the senators voiced rang out.
    Alex bring back ur self here and explain this
    trash I just witness.
    if eyes could kill I was sure I could have been
    dead. I swallowed heavily as I thought I might
    gone too far. because Alex was boiling with
    rage as he march to the place I was standing.
    holding me by the shoulder ” are u crazy
    woman? was I not clear enough when I told u
    to close ur mouth do u have any ideal of what
    ur stupidity have coursed?
    Alex the senator shouted, so u have the right
    to cause nuisance of ur self in my presence,
    when is there an history that I have rough
    handled ur mother the way u are doing now to
    ur wife?let go of her now this instant. the
    senator was on his feet now with anger. I had
    trouble finding who is more angrier between
    the two of them. Alex glare at me, the senator
    glare at Alex the senator wife glare at her
    husband. the equation became balance.
    mark u should be in support of ur son instead
    of scolding him for the piece of trash,I don’t
    blame Alex for treating her like a maid. she
    certainly look like one.
    will u shut up woman” he barked at her as he
    faced her, do I blame Alex? I wonder what
    devil entered him to be behaving like this. I
    will winger that the devil looks like you.she
    gasped and her face turned red. Alex fingers
    dug into my shoulders painfully. I have
    defiantly done every thing wrong. as much I I
    dislike my evil mother- inlaw, I didn’t want
    anyone to get insulted because of me. I
    opened my mouth to speak before I could the
    senator jumped in, y do I get the strange
    feeling that this whole made thing is from u??
    he glared at her.
    ” are u insulting my mum because of this thing
    dad” Alex rasped as his anger seems to have
    This tin is the woman u impregnated. as long
    as u remain my son, u have to accept her, if u
    don’t love her u have to learn to he said with a
    seriousness in his face.
    am a grown up man dad as long as I respect
    u does not mean u can teach me how to run
    my family. am capable to do what I like with
    any one in my house. u know me well enough
    that I don’t take orders from anyone.
    the senator smiled dangerously making my
    heart skip a bit, the senator walked gently .
    circling Alex and i.
    u are my son probably the most stubborn man
    on earth I agree, u should know that every
    stubborn man has a father. if I remember
    correctly amara father threatened to disown her
    if she didn’t get married to u. my hrt raised as
    I discovered where his talk is leading to.
    Sir , I pleaded.
    be quite amara am talking to my son.
    I will not threaten to disown u because u are
    my only son, how ever the child in her womb
    is also my grandchild and I would not have u
    to subject er to hard duties, if u refuse to treat
    Amara as ur wife I will withdrew u from as the
    head at
    Bello crews.
    what” Alex gasped

      Endless Tears Episode 17

    standing at my front, to where I can find
    I wanted a divorce or an annulment since the
    marriage hasn’t been consummated I said with
    a loud voice.
    Oh u can raise ur force at me , u are happy u
    are leaving me destroyed he asked with anger
    in case u don’t bello crews is my life after my
    secondary school I spent four years learning
    managerial tatis from my father until I became
    an expert even more better than my father.
    after gaining admission I managed the
    company from school by given orders telling
    them what to be done . I will be dam if
    another person takes over what I have toiled
    for .
    I felt for him, with the way he tales about the
    company I know he loved it. but I see no
    reason why it should affect me. and I see no
    reason why u are telling me I told him.
    you can’t leave this house , u have to stay.
    I inhaled as anger set in again, sacrifice my
    happiness and freedom because of ur
    how dare u, u have some nerves. u have given
    me nothing but sadness if not for this child I
    could have cursed the day I met u. where is
    copper bello because the man standing here
    isn’t him.
    a pained featured crossed his face but
    between a second it disappeared. I am sorry
    but I know this is selfish of me but look at it
    positively. ur parent would still disown u if u
    leave me and u would have no where to go in
    this large city, u will have a roof over ur head
    and food also. he started pacing again as if he
    could not believe the words coming out of his
    mouth. it ur only choice because I will not give
    u divorce.
    I laughed softly, u think that would stop me? I
    will rather sleep in the street Dan been a maid
    in my husband’s house.
    You won’t be a maid , u will be reorganized as
    the woman of the house. u would have ur own
    room upstair including everything u need.
    but there is one thing I will never have right?
    my husband”he nodded we will both leave
    together we are free to do what Ever we want.
    u have the right to go anywhere and be with
    anyone u like. me also, we are both matured to
    manage the situation we found our self.
    in other words like strangers I asked bitterly.
    you must admits it makes perfect sense. he
    This dream will never end from been a maid to
    leave as a tenant in my own husband house
    can life get any worst I signed deeply but
    thinking about it, it was not totally bad. once I
    get my stupid motion that Alex would come to
    love me later the better for me. I said ok.
    perfect then, ask Tina to show u the rooms
    upstair pick ur choice I have to out now when I
    come back I will give u the credit card. for u
    to mk use for what ever u need. I would also
    make a lawyer sigh this our agreement so that
    it would be legal this would protect both of us
    I hope it OK, I nodded.
    I don’t know what a credit card looks like.I got
    to the kitchen and I met the two ladies looking
    like they have just falling. am sorry for keeping
    this away from u Tina who have been good to
    me from day one. y tola was afraid to look at
    me. there is no doubt that they have heard
    I smiled , Tola I want u to select me a good
    room upstairs that have a nice view to the
    garden. make sure it looking clean without a
    dust. do u understand? she was silent . she
    nodded , good girl and be fast about it. I
    smiled to Tina and left the kitchen. the
    happiness of taking every one by surprise
    vanished as I took each step up stairs by
    agreeing to Alex arrangement have given him
    more right to hurt me.since we both agreed to
    do what ever we want he will be bringing more
    woman to the house. I pray I will have the
    strength to withstand what ever he is planing
    to do

      Endless Tears Episode 18

    Two weeks dragged by the swell of my tummy
    became visible for all to see. unfortunately the
    only thing that saw me swell was the four wall
    of my room, Alex have brought the agreement
    just like he talked about two weeks ago. and I
    signed it instantly, wanting to get the deal over
    ever since I signed the documents I haven’t
    set my eyes on him. it was not surprising
    since I hardly sept out side my room , I had
    everything I needed there. I paid tola her own
    coins. making her do everything from washing
    to cleaning I really frustrated her. it wasn’t
    really long before I got tired it wasn’t in my
    nature to be wicked. so I decided to apply
    maturity by ignoring her. she was surly
    regretting her earlier maltreatment of me.
    Tina was helpful as usual never letting me rest,
    she tried seeing me as the madam I am not
    comfortable with. living big seem strange , and
    it was almost scary. I needed a friend to stand
    by me. after schooling her and letting her see
    me as a friend Dan a maid she finally agreed.
    thou she still gives me the respect . Tina have
    been responsible to make sure I always eat
    she will talk me to death if I refuse to eat it
    was annoying most times but it gave me hope
    that someone really cared for me. I wondered
    y my mum haven’t visited, if my dad didn’t it
    would save me from mental trauma.
    I needed my mother more than I can explain
    even though she behaves too softly making
    people ride her too many tyms I still love her
    so much. despite my dad bad behavior I still
    love him but will be more happy to avoid him
    for now, our poor State seems to have made
    him wicked.
    I signed and got up the bed to answer nature
    call I have been urinating too frequently
    because am pregnant after emptying my
    bladder I went back heard a knock and I knew
    it Tina she has her own pattern of knocking.
    come in Tina I said the dizziness I was feeling
    was gone . and thank God for my apatite that
    was improving and thanks to Tina.
    she looked at me gently , I have been planing
    to ask u this . are u not going to the hospital
    for check up? antenatal care she said.
    I looked at her what is antenatal care , I asked
    her, I have never heard of it hope it not too
    I claimed down the stairs we are going to the
    hospital then after putting on my faded gown
    and she was waiting for me even in maid
    close her appearance was far better than mine.
    but I didn’t gave a d–n about it, I will be
    damned if I take Alex money expect for the
    baby’s need. we walked together and my eyes
    caught tola looking at us, I turned and told her
    to pls take care of the house that we would
    back soon.
    yes ma she answered bitterly”
    I turned and went out of the house with Tina.
    do u think u can walk she asked me the
    hospital is not that far we can manage it if u
    can walk. I can call a driver to take us.
    I laughed. oh Tina this pregnancy is not on my
    feet I can walk, if I can’t walk now what would
    happen when am nine months gone? that
    means I will not be able to lift a finger.
    we both laughed and started walking down the
    beautiful street. I starred shamelessly at the
    beautiful roads with flowers then I decided that
    taking a stroll every morning would be nice. it
    will be good leaving the sad house every
    morning. it did not take long we got to the
    hospital and I registered my name and was
    made to take lectures with many pregnant
    women it was nice I thought. before leaving
    the hospital after hours a female doctor
    approach me asking if I have done scan I said
    no . she said I should follow her which I did ,
    after the scan I was told my baby was a boy I
    was really over joyed .
    I entered the house hours later , today is the
    best day of my life I said happily. bubbling
    with Joy. I was having a boy the thought was
    so pleasing .à Tina was so right about asking
    me to go to the hospital.
    I opened the door to the sitting room and what
    I saw there I was frozen Tina almost bumped
    into me but I wasn’t looking at her, my gaze
    was fixed on Alex and the woman that was
    with him kissing and romancing in the sitting
    room. all the joy that was with me died that
    minute. I have avoided Alex for several days y
    did he do this today. what was so annoying
    was that he was with the same w—e he was
    with last time.I wondered y she’s here knowing
    fully well that he is married, she had no shame
    at all. Tina touched my shoulder gently. I went
    to them they wee too busy kissing and
    romancing .
    I raised my voice at them, saying I thought the
    last time u two should move to somewhere
    private for ur shameful act?
    Alex looked at me, telling me we sighed an
    agreement , I had thought this would happen .
    I felt the pains. she turned in Alex hand and
    looked at me . I wondered what Alex saw in
    you. u look worst than a one night stand and
    don’t think because of that tin in ur tummy or
    the wedding band that u have Alex. I have his
    heart. I have something else to tell u she said.
    my hrt began beating fast than normal.
    I also have his seed growing in me she said
    with a hateful look.
    the rotation of the earth seems to have
    stopped that moment, Alex went pale the little
    witch placed her hands on her flat tummy. I
    accepted u back Alex because of it I would
    have gone the moment I left u that day. I
    would have told u that day but this thing show
    up and destory it. but since then I decided I
    would have her audience before breaking the
    news. she smiled briefly and shouted Alex am

    Endless Tears Episode 19

    What … I cried like she has the answer to it. if
    I hadn’t slept with Alex my life would have
    been more better or maybe I will be in the
    university by now. am I the only cause of my
    problem?me only me, I just wish I could die.
    shhh, don’t say that she. whispered. a wise
    man once said that if we continue to blame our
    self for the mistake we once did, we will
    continue making more of it. but we can get
    pass them and move on. I know u can she
    I could not level the kind of respect I have for
    her. I was totally shattered. I can’t I feel
    trapped and helpless.
    yes u can , I know u can pls think of ur baby
    and be strong. ur adorable baby needs ur
    strength to be strong u can’t afford to fail him.
    you can do this. the mention of my baby gave
    me strength. Tina was totally right I could not
    afford to be despair. not when my depression
    can affect my baby . when ever Mr Alex gives
    u something to make u sad always think of ur
    I controlled my sobs until I was left with sniffs
    thanks Tina I don’t know what I could have
    done without u. I said.
    you are welcome ma’am, and here to help you.
    and u will be fine.
    please call me Amara, I smiled at her. do u
    think I can ever call u Amara she asked.
    I felt her smiled without seeing her face.
    Mr peter glared at his wife she was just a
    serious pain in his neck. many a times he
    wondered y he married such a dull woman
    because time and time again she never fail to
    prove she was a fool. he had wondered if their
    living in poverty had destroyed her ability to
    reason well. the different between him and his
    wife was that she was not only poor and her
    thinking was also poor . what is wrong in
    turning your brain into money making be
    barked. u are just a stumbling block to my
    listen woman I have come this far and will not
    allow ur stupidity to stop my financial break
    through. look at this house he waved his hands
    to the fully furnished apartment the senator
    rented for them. don’t u like to live a normal
    good life, don’t u think we have suffered
    enough. this house is a product of my smart
    thinking. u should also do something with that
    brain of urs. my request is simple talk to
    encourage her to take advantage of Alex wealth
    if she does we can set up a business and our
    family will be ok.
    she looked at her husband, how can you say
    that. it our daughters life and happiness we are
    talking about. she’s not happy in that house
    and u know it. that Alex is a b—–d and I know
    he his maltreating my daughter. let me go and
    see my daughter.
    he decided to go soft, who told u she’s not
    happy. money brings happiness. now she can
    buy anything she needs. do anything she
    and go anywhere she want.
    Papa Amara money can not buy happiness”
    she shouted at him.
    But it can rent it. Mr Peter said” what ever u
    can’t buy u can rent it. listen to me woman am
    ordering u and u must convince her whether u
    like it or not. talk sense to Amara she listens
    to u, do ur part in this family else I will get
    angry. what ever u have been hiding since ages
    will be in the open for amara to see.
    As usual this always gets her attention, y do I
    always blackmail me with this she asked in
    pains. what am doing is for our good mama
    amara stop been stubborn. do as I say will be
    I stay in door through out the day the following
    morning Tina brought break fast to my room. I
    decided then I will reduce the work for her by
    going down to eat. I needed to do the house
    chors to reduced my depression. with strong
    determination to stop my depressed state I
    decided to be going for a stroll in the morning.
    the stroll proved helpful because the street
    was so beautiful. my mind constantly went to
    my problems but I quickly removed it from my
    I sighted a beautiful flower by the side walk
    and stopped the flowers was so captivating
    with a hint of pink, white and yellow. my
    fingers went thru the flowers in amusement
    and I got lost in my thought. Alex came in my
    mind this time and I closed my eyes he had
    given me a flower similar to this one in the
    village . I was on my way to the stream when
    he suddenly popped out of the bush. when I
    saw it was him my fears disappeared I knew
    he couldn’t hurt me. how wrong if I think of the
    level of hurt he had given to me, the one he
    had in store for me. he walked with me to the
    stream pick up a flower gave it to me. it was
    the most amazing gesture any man have given
    to me.
    A penny for your thought”.
    I jumped in freight, taking my hands out of the
    flowers. behold a man standing in front of me
    and was smiling softly I blinked coming back
    to my sense.
    am sorry to have startled you it wasn’t
    international he said apologizing.
    I swallowed to say this guy was handsome
    would be an understatement. he looked breath
    taking. his deep voice. he was as tall as Alex
    and more handsome Dan him with broad
    shoulders. no one have the right to look this
    good I said to my self. as I access him he
    began to smile showing his dimples. I
    swallowed hard as I saw what was happening.
    the guy was aware of how he looked. can I
    ever stop been an idiot I said to my self. did I
    learn nothing Frim the father of my unborn
    child? my face came up with sadness.
    I hope u like what u see the guy said out
    laughing. jezz did he know how handsome he
    looked when his white teeth came in display.
    I looked at him , saying people should learn
    running from what is beautiful. where had that
    come from the guy hadn’t done anything to
    well am glad am not a thing he murmured” am
    Kelvin he brought out his hand for a
    oh man” this man is really arrogant. I looked
    at his hands for long before turning back
    heading home. I did not give a d–n if he was
    hurt one man has done more harm I don’t need
    it nice meeting u he shouted after me, just to
    let you know u are more beautiful than that
    I step into the house trying to put my anger
    against men at bay. the moment I entered the
    house my anger evaporated.

    Endless Tears Episode 20

    Mum” I sat down facing her, I made sure she
    was well entertained.my mum was silent and I
    noticed she was wearing an expensive
    Amara this house is massive one can get lost
    in it. yes it really big I responded.
    I can imaging knowing ur husband’s family
    influence. this size of house is expected
    looking around looking fascinated, I was
    surprise is this my mother . I nodded endlessly
    I couldn’t hold it any longer, mum what are u
    doing here I asked her.
    she shifted uneasily, so it now mum . it no
    longer mama”.
    I breathed impatiently. Tina told me that mum
    is more civilized. I told her. that is not
    important so what are u doing here?
    she looked at me straight in the eyes, can’t I
    come and visit my daughter again” she asked
    as though she was offended.
    I forcefully put my anger under control. it
    seems my life had become full of anger ever
    since I met Alex. or rather ever since I got
    pregnant for Alex; you have the right mama but
    I just wondered why it took u so long before
    coming . I am pregnant mum . didn’t u think I
    will need you, have I been pregnant before .
    but u have many times. I needed motherly
    advice but u where no where to be found. I
    ranted and my hurt became obvious.
    she looked at me with her clouded with tears, I
    averted my eyes. am sorry my daughter heaven
    knows i wanted to visit you, I never wanted to
    leave u alone. but what happened, papa never
    allowed you? she looked at me for a second.
    Amara don’t think am a fool, I know what u
    mean and I feel insulted. I never knew you will
    be this disrespectful to ur own mother she said
    instantly. I knew I have gone over board. I was
    hurt by my mother neglect but I knew without
    doubt she loves me a lot . she always stand
    by me but everything change the moment I got
    pregnant she turned to something akin to jelly
    fish. I have never seen this side of my mother
    she was always a talkative. a single glance at
    my father will just ment her and turn her to a
    over cooked vegetables and I still wonders
    what might have caused that.
    am sorry mum”
    am sorry Amara for not been here to take care
    of you , I never meant to hurt you I just wanted
    to give u time to settle down in ur husband’s
    house. u would agree that ur marriage was
    unusual. I thought it best that both of you are
    left alone with out disturbing.
    it was a very sensible explanation I thought.
    living with Alex would lessing the pregnancy
    tension. if only they knew the true situation of
    things am facing. I looked at my mother
    putting a little smile on my face. although it
    irritated me that she didn’t visit. but I was
    really happy that she was looking spldid . the
    clothes she was putting on was really better
    than the rags she had in the village. you are
    looking good mum I said truthfully.
    she didn’t smile, she looked pained.
    but why are you looking like this she asked
    Amara is ur husband not given you enough
    money to take care of your self she asked I
    noticed she had a hit of anger in her voice.
    I don’t need his money I told her.
    look at ur self Amara, she traced my body with
    her eyes. you did not befit this house with this
    clothes I can see that , that husband’s of urs
    does not have any feelings for u. pls take
    advantage of this to help ur self. take as much
    as u want from him. so that u can leave this
    house as fast as u can.
    oh No ” mama did papa ask u to come here
    and deliver this lectures, I asked in shock. this
    was the last thing I expected from my mother.
    where u not the one that taught me that money
    and wealth should not be allowed to cloud our
    sense? have u forgotten those lectures
    how can u ask me to do these mother. I stood
    up sat down again in confusion.
    she stood up and sat beside me, Amarachi u
    are my daughter. I know what is best for u
    and yes ur father suggested it and I refused to
    supported him but after thinking about it I
    changed my mind when i came here looking at
    u so tin and unkept .considering what she was
    saying I just kept looking at her as if she was
    another person.
    it true I taught u to always keep ur integrity
    and self respect, but remember I never forced
    u to get pregnant out of wedlock for a wicked
    man like Alex. he is maltreating u. u have to
    think of money now because u are not the only
    involved now. you have a baby to think about if
    u live now what will you to take care of the
    I never said am leaving this place mama , I
    said dryly.
    but u can not be OK with the way u are now , u
    are with the same clothes you brought with u
    from the village. and he doesn’t care.
    I am the one who choose to remain in this
    clothes and I wanted it that way.
    I will not allow you stay here, I will not allow
    you hurt ur self and my grandchild with this
    foolishness. it clear that ur husband doesn’t
    love u. but why do you want to stay with him,
    she asked in be wildness.
    I smiled in irritation, it too late for this mama.
    I would have not been married to him in the
    first place if u were this aggressive with papa.
    I am a married woman now and am not ready
    for divorce. font worry about my marriage I can
    take care of my self. my mum has really
    changed. mum pls tell me if there is somthing
    wrong. I feel like u are hiding something from
    mum let make a deal, tell me what is wrong
    and I will do what ever you want. she frozed
    slightly, stood up instantly. amara it getting
    late am going home . I need to make ur dad
    meal if not he will be hungry.
    mum” I hugged her and she left.
    Tina walked in, she is right oh Amara” I looked
    at her. so u have been eavesdropping . am
    sorry for doing so, I was in the lundary ur
    voices was loud enough for anyone to.hear .
    Tola paced in her room she couldn’t believe
    she had become a shadow in the house y Tina
    is now st the good side of the madam. tola
    couldn’t believe that the maid she had been
    terrorizing was her own madam. she wished
    that the ground should open after the
    revelation. but that could not to compered to
    the humiliation she had put her thru. but after
    going thru weeks from been totally ignored by
    every one in the house. she starred feeling
    hatred for everyone. most especially Amara
    who had made her a thorn in the flesh asking
    her to do all the work in the house. hatred and
    jealousy towards Tina who was the madames
    favourite. she knew without a doubt that amara
    would give Tina anything she asked.
    Tola felt her blood boil, she wondered how she
    could take revenge. she wanted to make two
    of them pay for making her life miserable.
    making two of them turn against each other
    was a good start. after thin about it she
    nodded that would be a good start. TBC
    sit back and enjoy, but what do you guys think
    tola would do? my fingers are crossed.

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